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A global challenge and opportunities for cooperation


Jul 15, 2023
Искусственный интеллект: глобальный вызов и возможности сотрудничества

One of today’s most talked-about and promising technologies is artificial intelligence, which has a great deal of potential to enhance people’s quality of life and find solutions to the world’s complicated challenges. However, when this technology is developed and used, new hazards and issues appear that may endanger not only individual liberties and rights but also the stability of all humankind.

The development of artificial intelligence

Since the phrase “artificial intelligence” was first used in 1956, technology has advanced quickly in this area. Artificial neural networks, deep learning, and other tools that let you build more complicated and effective artificial intelligence systems are all part of the intelligent systems that are capable of learning and self-improvement that we are dealing with today.

Experts predict that the artificial intelligence business will expand over the next few years and reach $190 billion in 2025. This implies that artificial intelligence will play a bigger role in the economic and social progress of many nations.

Risks and problems

However, as artificial intelligence advances, new hazards, and issues present themselves that could endanger not only individual liberties and rights but also global stability.

The potential for artificial intelligence to be used for military objectives is one of the key threats that it poses. The development of autonomous military systems that can function without human involvement is possible with the help of contemporary artificial intelligence technologies. Unwanted effects and an increase in geopolitical tensions may result from this.

Another concern is the possibility of many individuals losing their employment and experiencing worsening working conditions as a result of automated technologies. Instability and societal issues may result from this.

A lack of adequate norms and regulations for its use might also put privacy and confidentiality at risk from artificial intelligence.

Cooperation opportunities

International rules and norms must be established and adhered to by all nations and businesses to reduce the hazards related to artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk discussed the creation of universal standards on Twitter. He asserted that he thinks China is prepared to collaborate with the international community on broad principles for artificial intelligence. Not everybody, though, shares his optimism. Republican Mike Gallagher questions whether China truly stands out for humanity.

Despite disagreements, cooperation between various nations and governments can be a crucial element in maximizing the advantages and reducing the risks of the development of artificial intelligence. International collaboration can also aid in creating moral and social standards that all players in the artificial intelligence market must abide by.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that has the power to greatly enhance our quality of life and resolve the most challenging issues facing humanity. But this technology also comes with fresh dangers and difficulties that call for attention and collaboration across many nations and administrations.

Cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as the development of international standards and norms, can aid in maximizing the advantages and minimizing the risks of this technology.

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