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A Thai retail giant is putting a cryptocurrency coin to the test.


Oct 28, 2021
A Thai retail giant is putting a cryptocurrency coin to the test.

A digital coin is being launched by the Central Retail Corporation.

Central Retail Corp., Thailand’s largest mall developer, is experimenting with a digital coin among its employees, with the intention of expanding the service to customers and the general public once the first phase is completed.

“Central’s C-Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is currently distributed to the company’s 80,000 global employees based on merit and in addition to their regular pay.”

The company will improve C-Coin

“Once C-Coin has been integrated into our network, we will work to improve it. If our employees are able to use it, it should not be a problem for our customers.” Covin Kolruchacorn, CEO of Central Tech, a division of the retail behemoth, invented C-Coin.

“We see more potential in C-Coin, whether our customers go online or return to the malls offline. We must find a way to connect with them and persuade them to spend more. There are numerous benefits that blockchain can provide “Covin made an excellent point.

Covin clarified that no plans have been finalized on how the tokens will be distributed to the general public, including whether they will be listed or traded.

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