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A US agency hacked China’s networks.


Sep 22, 2022 , ,
A US agency hacked China's telecommunications networks.

Attackers took control and stole confidential data.

US intelligence officers seized a state-funded institution before taking over portions of China’s communications network.

The Global Times claimed on Thursday that “the National Security Agency Cyber Warfare Unit entered and controlled nameless carriers.”

This year, China stepped up the accusations of US cyberattacks.

China is more openly criticizing US agencies in the spat between Beijing and Washington over claims of cyber spying.

The US has already charged China with extensive industrial espionage to steal from US businesses in addition to national security operations.

The Chinese network is primarily run by China Mobile Ltd., China Unicom, and China Telecom Corp., but the extent of the alleged charge is still unknown, and the Global Times did not go into great detail about how the attackers managed to leap from Northwestern Polytechnic University, which is known for its aeronautics and space research programs.


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