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Adobe will sell a subscription to generative AI.


Jun 9, 2023 ,
Adobe будет продавать подписку на генеративный ИИ с гарантией авторских прав

A subscription introduces AI features in Photoshop and more.

Adobe Inc. intends to sell subscriptions to its new AI services, which will include legal protection from accusations of copyright infringement.

According to Ashley Still, executive vice president of the company, “Business customers will be charged a fixed subscription for enterprise-wide access to new generative AI tools for Adobe products.”

Adobe positions itself as a responsible company.

By providing products that won’t plagiarize or produce harmful photographs, Adobe is establishing itself as a responsible corporation in the quickly developing sector of AI images.

The market’s sole commercially secure generative AI product, according to the long-standing innovator in creative software, is its Firefly series of tools, which is mostly trained in its library.

The new generative capabilities of Photoshop were used to produce more than 100 million images in the first eight days of its release, claims Still.


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