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Afex Capital reviews

Overview of Afex Capital

The company differs from its competitors with the most advanced platform offerings, the availability of a large number of tools and education options that even professional market participants will enjoy.

The most important information was highlighted from the Internet, when we analyzed the reviews of customers of the company. Just as the positive sides of the negative we tried to sort out in this article, our team tried to get the most objective view of this company. Can we trust them?

Afex Capital documents

If you look carefully at the website, there is a section of legal data, where all the necessary documents are provided:

KYC Policy

AML’s Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Information related to the withdrawal of funds

Risk information

Terms & Conditions

A positive feature of the company is providing all the information from the personal cabinet, this information about the transactions, the rules of the company, also personal cabinet it is easy to withdraw and deposit funds.

Account types

Afex Capital offers four main tariff plans Afex Micro, Afex New, Afex Macro, Afex VIP.

Since Afex Capital’s main clientele is professional traders and institutional investors (like hedge funds), it is imperative to ensure the minimum available commission schedule. According to our rigorous assessment, Afex Capital is beyond doubt. You can get acquainted with the types of accounts in more detail on the company’s website.

Afex Micro

Basic servicesMinimum
Leverage1 : 100

Afex New

Basic servicesBeginner
Leverage1 : 100

Afex Macro

Basic servicesStandard
25 000 USD/EUR/GBP
Leverage1 : 100 — 1 : 200

Afex VIP

Basic servicesVIP
100 000 USD/EUR/GBP
Leverage1 : 100 — 1 : 400

Afex Capital review from expert

Looking to find a reliable Broker? A decent broker will always be a reliable partner for any investor. Detailed information about the work of the company and what to look for?

The first thing to pay attention

Afex Capital reviews from a trader

Afex Capital is an investment fund that works with NYSE, NASDAQ, BATS, Moscow Exchange, Japanese Exchange and others.

The company operates in over 40 countries.

Are you still looking for a reliable brokerage company? How the long-term partnership will always be a plus for any investor. What should you pay attention to when choosing a company?

Let’s start with the fact that the company Afex Capital is an investment fund, which cooperates with such well-known stock exchanges as the New York, Moscow, Japan, London and others.  The company’s clients live in more than 40 countries around the world.

Company advantages and what makes the company stand out:

  • Smart investment
  • High standards
  • Clear priorities
  • Team of professionals

Here are our top 2021 client-rated Afex Capital takeaways :

Afex Capital is best known for offering traders access to global markets (135 market centers in 33 countries). Plus, pros can benefit from industry-leading commissions, including the lowest margin rates across all balance levels.

In terms of day trading, mobile trading, options trading, futures and professional trading platform, Afex Capital is the winner. For example, Afex Capital offers 68 different order types.

Despite clear progress made in simplifying its website for casual investors, including more robust basic research and training, Afex Capital is falling behind some of its competitors.

Afex Capital reviews

First-hand reviews about Afex Capital, really existing forex traders write about Afex Capital on forex forums, reviews and services. Based on the results of the review, we can conclude that if you need to read reviews of Afex Capital in order to make a decision on cooperation, you can do it on our website.

General summary of Afex Capital based on customer reviews

Generally4.5 Stars
Commissions and fees5 Stars
Investment proposal4.5 Stars
Platforms and tools4.5 Stars
Study4.5 Stars
Education4 Stars
Mobile trading4.5 Stars
Customer service4 Stars
Ease of use3 Stars

Afex Capital platforms and tools

Afex Capital’s flagship platform is a desktop workstation that supports trading everything under the sun, including global assets.

An abundance of professional tools: there are widespread trading tools designed for experienced traders: Algorithmic trading, options strategy laboratory, volatility laboratory, risk navigator, market scanner, strategy builder and portfolio builder, and much more. Watch lists can include anything from stocks to individual options contracts, futures, forex. According to the reviews from regular customers, this simplifies the work.

Afex Capital uses an artificial intelligence framework to quickly service customer inquiries via live chat (or voice on the iPhone app). Supported portfolio information, orders, quotes and more.

Disadvantages according to clients: Tasks such as raising a stock to trade are challenging due to the sheer amount of securities available for trading. For example, typing “AAPL” for Apple gives a lot of possible matches, which can be overwhelming to non-professionals. In addition, automated technical analysis tools are only available as a paid subscription add-on.

Client Portal for less Experienced Traders Afex Capital offers the platform through its website. Thus, it includes all the basic functions required for trading and managing the underlying portfolio. The portal is the main way of trading for clients, which means that it is much less reliable, but also much easier to use. In my testing, I found this to be good.

Pros in the opinion of regular customers: Loyal Research highlights include numerous screeners, extensive back testing features, and portfolio analysis tools, all of which are excellent. For traders looking to do specific research, Afex Capital offers over 70 third-party à la carte channels.

Doing even basic research on stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds is nothing more than a traditional full-service brokerage experience to be found. You must learn to navigate in order to find information. However, the good news is that the customer portal is much easier to use and while not as intuitive as the industry leaders, it is significantly better.

There are tools designed for ordinary clients who conduct traditional fundamental research on stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. Available in the client portal and mobile app and does a good job of using design to visualize data.

One of the unique features is the Impact tool, which allows you to evaluate your portfolio’s stock holdings against specific ESG metrics. Once you’ve identified which issues are important to you (like weapons, animal testing, or clean water), your dashboard will display an A – F score for your portfolio. Also available on mobile devices, the tool can even make recommendations to similar companies for which you can redeem your shares.

Afex Capital provides traders with hedge fund-level reports on the performance and structure of their portfolios, from which you can link all your accounts and run reports. It is not as insightful and easy to use, however, it is a great tool for traders whose assets are scattered across numerous organizations.

Afex Capital customer service

To obtain a customer service score, we conduct telephone tests from multiple locations throughout the area. For our 2020 broker review, 280 customer service tests were run over ten weeks.


Average connection time: 1-2 minutes

Average Net Promoter Score: 8.1 / 10

Average professionalism score: 7.2 / 10

Overall rating: 7.87 / 10

Mobile trading of Afex Capital

You can use mobile applications on almost all devices, which means that trading will always be at your fingertips and you will receive the necessary data instantly. overall, the company will fully meet the requirements of professional traders.

You can use seventy indicators to build charts, which are offered on the company’s website.

The disadvantages of the company are the lack of delivery of some alerts via Push, such as the notification of inventory. However, you can get them to your email.

Offer for investors

The company develops and continually updates its offerings and is a leader in some areas, this also applies to international trading. In total, more than 135 international markets are represented.

The company does not work with U.S. clients, except for professional clients willing to invest more than 10 million dollars.

The company is continuously working on educational materials, and also offers a large selection of videos. Among videos predominate learning how to use the trading platform.

The banking area of the company Afex Capital

In the generally accepted understanding, the company does not provide banking services, however, there is an opportunity to receive interest on funds that are not invested in any projects. Also, there are different levels from the cross section at which your income will be only in case of exceeding this level. If the interest rate is tied to zero, there will be no return.

Because the company offers low enough commissions, more than 50 additional types of orders and trade on the most international markets, the company will be comfortable enough to work with a professional trader.  For investors without experience the company offers to try themselves in trading ETF securities, with the possibility of conducting research immediately on the internet platform.

More about Afex Capital

The company was founded more than 10 years ago in the UK, where the central office is located. At the moment, we offer to work on 135 markets, and the average number of transactions for the recent years amounts to more than 1 million transactions. The number of trading accounts is almost 1 million, and the total amount of funds deposited by the company’s clients exceeds $230 billion.

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