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AI-focused ETF assets could rise to $35 billion.


May 26, 2023 ,
Активы ETF, ориентированные на ИИ, могут увеличиться до $35 млрд.

The number of ETFs could grow to 150 worldwide.

According to a Bloomberg Intelligence analysis, the value of exchange-traded funds that follow businesses involved in artificial intelligence might increase to $35 billion by 2030.

Over 150 ETFs could exist in the world, an increase from the existing 56.

Nvidia leads the tech stock rally.

“As businesses like Nvidia meet the need for the technology, the growth of AI and ChatGPT may lead to an expansion of AI ETFs. The performance and flow of AI ETFs, in our opinion, can only increase,” noted Bloomberg analysts.

The world’s most valuable chipmaker, Nvidia, has seen its share price soar, which is increasing demand for AI processors and investors’ interest in AI-related innovation.


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