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Amazon to close all but one US call center.


Sep 30, 2022 , ,
Amazon закроет все колл-центры для клиентов в США, кроме одного

The company will transfer hundreds of office employees to remote work

To save money on real estate, Amazon.com Inc. will close all but one of its call centers in the US and transfer hundreds of office workers to remote work.

Sales Growth Declines Amid Rising Inflation

The largest online retailer is attempting to reduce expenses as sales revenue growth slows due to rising inflation and uncertain economic conditions.

Inside Intelligence projects that US online sales will reach $1 trillion this year, up just 9.4% from last.

The price reductions followed Amazon’s hasty expansion of its warehouses and shipping facilities in response to the pandemic’s early rise in customer demand.

A high turnover industry will benefit from the work-from-home offer, and the company’s cloud computing section is providing Amazon Connect software, which enables businesses to set up remote customer care networks.

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