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Amazon will open the store of the future


Jan 20, 2022 ,

The first clothing store with a technological bias.

Amazon.com Inc.’s prescription for the department store of the future includes algorithmic parameters and the “miracle wardrobe” in the fitting room, according to the corporate director.

The online retailer is expanding its fashion offering by launching the establishment of its first innovative clothes store this year on Thursday.

Magic wardrobe – and how it will work

A conventional clothing store is 30,000 square feet (2,787 square meters), however, the Amazon Style shop proposed for Los Angeles is only 30,000 square feet (2,787 square meters). Examples are on display, and shoppers use the Amazon smartphone application to scan the code to choose the color and size they want. Customers queue up in a virtual dressing room line, which they enter with their mobile when it’s ready, to try on garments held at the back of the store.

Consumers can order things from touch screens as well. Amazon’s algorithms personalize apparel suggestions by keeping track of every item a buyer scans. A style questionnaire is also available for buyers to complete. Employees are already checking out the things ordered by consumers and other Amazon-selected products when they come to the changing room.

Amazon has announced technology that will assist buyers in making wardrobe decisions sooner. The company outperformed Walmart Inc. as the most popular clothing shop in the United States, according to analyst research. With various brands, the new store intends to appeal to a wide spectrum of clients.

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