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Amazon will take part in Grubhub


Jul 6, 2022 ,
Amazon примет участие в Grubhub и предложит членство для основных пользователей

Annual membership to the food delivery service

Amazon.com Inc. has agreed to buy a stake in Grubhub Just Eat Takeaway.com NV and will grant US Prime subscribers who sign up for the service an annual subscription.

Amazon will receive a 2% stake in the total capital of Grubhub

The membership agreement will automatically renew each year unless either Grubhub or Amazon decides to cancel it. Additionally, Amazon will receive a 2 percent investment in Grubhub’s total capital, with the opportunity to expand that stake to 15%.

According to a statement from the business, “Just Eat will continue to investigate a partial or full sale of Grubhub.”

Beginning in 2023, the purchase will help increase cash flow and revenue while not affecting Grubhub’s financial results this year.

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