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Analysis of the Hong Kong ETF Market


Jul 21, 2023 , ,
Анализ рынка ETF в Гонконге: рекордные обороты и увеличение шортов

On Thursday, the biggest stock-linked index fund in Hong Kong broke all previous records, although the index it follows was unchanged. The Hong Kong Tracker Fund achieved a new milestone in trading volume in March of last year when Chinese stocks declined, reaching almost 20 billion Hong Kong dollars ($2.6 billion). Through the Bloomberg terminal, Chinese investors made almost half of the total number of transactions.

The Hong Kong Tracker Fund’s turnover has surpassed 20 billion Hong Kong dollars, which is a record high. Despite the lack of material changes in the index the fund tracks, Thursday saw a record number of trades. When Chinese stocks started to decline in March of last year, the Hong Kong Tracker Fund reached its previous high. This shows that despite the challenges in the global markets, Hong Kong still has a strong interest in trading ETFs.

The Hong Kong Tracker Fund has seen record turnover along with a rise in short positions. Nearly 15.3 billion Hong Kong dollars were exchanged for short bets in the ETF. This demonstrates a rising interest in utilizing such tactics to hedge against market risks and invest in failing stocks.

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