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Apple calls the latest watch its first carbon-neutral product.


Sep 13, 2023
Apple называет последние часы своим первым углеродно-нейтральным продуктом

The company’s first carbon-neutral goods, a new range of smartwatches, were unveiled by Apple Inc. as a major environmental milestone.

“Apple Watch Series 9 and the upgraded Ultra model were produced using renewable energy and more environmentally friendly bands than previous models. The company stated during a presentation on Tuesday that the new chip represented the first performance boost for the watch in three years. It also includes a speedier S9 processor and is offered in hues like pink, gold, and black.

Apple is getting rid of leather watch bands as part of the green trend. The most recent watch will respond faster by taking commands from the phone’s Siri voice assistant. Additionally, they will feature a novel hand motion that launches several operations: tapping the user’s fingers twice.

Comparing the new watch to versions from the previous year, the hardware hasn’t changed much. Accordingly, owners of the first-generation Apple Watch Ultra or Series 7 or 8 models are unlikely to upgrade, but the watch might entice customers away from competitors like Samsung Electronics Co.

The Series 9 editions of the Apple Watch Ultra are still only offered in natural titanium, although they also come in midnight, starry, silver, and red.

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