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Apple’s French antitrust fine is cut by 66%.


Oct 7, 2022 , ,
Французский антимонопольный штраф Apple сократился на 66%

The Paris court reduced the fine from 1.1 billion euros to 372 million euros.

Apple Inc. lowered the record €1.1 billion fine it received in 2020 for anti-competitive agreements with two favored distributors to €372 million.

A Paris appeals court decreased Apple’s overall penalties on Thursday by 728 million euros ($712 million), shortening the length of one of the offenses and reducing the fine in light of the company’s financial stability.

Apple plans to file an additional appeal to reduce the fine to zero.

Regulators are working overtime to use a combination of fines and regulatory action to reduce the dominance of large tech businesses throughout Europe.

Apple said it will submit another appeal to France’s top court to reduce the record fine to zero. The business issued a statement in which it stated, “We feel it should be fully abolished.”

When French regulators levied a record fine to check the tech giant’s dominance, Apple claimed in an appeal hearing last year that they did so for political reasons.

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