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Apple unveiled its latest M1 chip


Mar 14, 2022
Apple представила свой последний чип M1

Last week there was an event to launch the company’s products

Apple Inc. conducted its first product launch event in 2022, revealing the new iPhone SE, iPad Air, and Mac Studio after months of anticipation.

The company’s new chip is a miracle

Apple’s new M1 CPU is said to be a marvel, and the Mac Studio and new display show the company’s renewed devotion to the Mac.

Apple Silicon has altered the game by allowing the tech giant to produce new models of Macs and deliver more alternatives at various price points, all while meeting as many consumers’ wants as possible.

Apple’s event was all about technical specifications, chip upkeep, and the small details that the corporation had been ignoring for a long time.

On March 18, Apple will release new gadgets and software, including macOS 12.3 and iOS 15.4. Universal Operate is a feature in the current version of macOS that allows you to control numerous Macs and iPads with a single mouse or trackpad and keyboard.

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