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Apple Watch Ultra justifies the price.


Oct 3, 2022 ,
Новые Apple Watch Ultra оправдывает цену

The big battery and screen of the new Watch Ultra justify its price.

The Apple Watch Ultra is marketed as a wearable for serious athletes, adventurers, scuba divers, active tourists, marathon runners, and non-extreme sports enthusiasts.

The new version has a stronger frame, an upgraded battery, a substantially better screen, an action button, and a new microphone and speaker.

Reliable Watch update

Users can set the action button to a stopwatch, compass waypoint, compass return, the Dive app, a flashlight, or an action from the Shortcuts app in addition to training links.

The volume of the built-in siren has been increased. The iPhone 14 now has the SOS emergency satellite capability, offline mapping, and even longer battery life. These are all features that adventurers will appreciate.

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