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Asian stocks rose to the consumer price index.


Jan 12, 2023 ,
Азиатские акции и европейские фьючерсы выросли до индекса потребительских цен

Risk appetite is supported by bets that US inflation will fall.

On Thursday, Asian market futures surged alongside European and US stock futures as traders bet that inflation in the biggest economy in the world is dropping.

The index for the area increased for the ninth time in ten days, getting close to its highest point in nearly five months.

The yen rose on the Bank of Japan report.

By concentrating on the US CPI report anticipated on Thursday, traders are downplaying the possibility of modest growth and a warning of a recession.

Given the high volumes of hedging flows and coverage of short-term options, the past two months have demonstrated that significant swings in the US CPI might lead to major volatility in equity markets, according to strategists at Saxo Capital Markets.

China has had the most profitable assets in the world in recent months, but despite this, many significant international investors are leery of trusting the government due to the regulatory shocks in 2022.


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