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Belarus closes the border to foreigners on November 1. However, the authorities left many exceptions.


Nov 2, 2020

Since November 1, Belarus has closed the entry to its territory for citizens of other countries and stateless persons, the State Border Committee said on its website on Saturday.

The ban applies to road and rail border crossings, simplified border crossing points and crossings through river ports, the State Committee added.

As emphasized, the goal is to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

Belarus closes its borders, but leaves many exceptions

A number of groups of foreigners have been lifted from the ban: it does not apply to persons entering with diplomatic and service passports, heads and members of official delegations, foreigners providing international assistance to Belarus, drivers providing international transport, crews of water transport units and employees of international railway traffic as well as spouses. , parents and children of citizens of Belarus.

Foreigners with a permanent or temporary residence permit, work permit or documents confirming the performance of work in Belarus, persons entering due to a serious illness or death of a close relative, people carrying stem cells or organs for transplantation, Russian citizens traveling in transit to Russia, people traveling in transit under an agreement with the Ukrainian government, in particular, workers of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant or specialists participating in international projects, to close this station.

Also, the ban does not apply to people arriving in Belarus through the Minsk international airport.

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