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Better strategy and luck brought Hamilton his 93rd career victory. Mercedes with the first trophy of the season


Nov 5, 2020 ,

Lewis Hamilton took the chance in the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix to win the 93rd race, despite finishing third after the start. His Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas and, surprisingly, Daniel Riccardo (Red Bull) took the podium.

Lewis Hamilton finished second in Saturday’s qualifying behind Valtteri Bottas. Sunday’s race started badly for him, dropping to the third place. Max Verstappen caught up with him, and he had to defend himself against Pierre Gasly. He more than made up for the losses thanks to a more successful strategy than previous pilots, as well as an accelerated pace and successful implementation of the virtual safety machine.

The top three started at Imola with medium tires. Verstappen came first and Bottas came around later. They both switched to hard tires and Hamilton stepped forward. When the engineer suggested that he also go to boxing, the leader of the general classification interrupted: “I’m faster, don’t interfere! As a result, each of the following laps was faster than the Finn and the Dutchman, sometimes even by almost a second.

Esteban Ocon had a Renault car malfunction when he tried to get Hamilton to change tires. Although it was disassembled and stopped by the gang, the judges first announced a yellow flag and then briefly a virtual security machine. Mercedes instantly took advantage of this by changing the mixture to a tough one and returning to the track in first place in the middle of the race. Hamilton has not lost his advantage and won the 93rd race of his career. Probably, he will have the seventh world title, in which he will be equal to the record holder Michael Schumacher. The German national team wins the constructors’ category for the seventh consecutive season (record).

But the track was behind Hamilton. Verstappen finally overtook Bottas, taking advantage of his mistake and damage to the car at the start of the race.

However, the Dutchman also had problems with the car, because one of his tires burst. A safety car appeared on the track. During the neutralization, it is not known why George Russell turned off the straight road and bumped into the gang. Daniel Riccardo (Renault) finished in the third place and the Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen drivers also won . Kimi Raikkonen was the ninth, right behind him by Antonio Giovinazzi.

On the podium, Riccardo, as usual, celebrated the success with champagne drunk from his boot. He invited Hamilton to the celebration, who did not refuse.

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