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Big Tech rallies to pick up


Jun 4, 2023
Ралли больших технологий будет расти, поскольку царят опасения по поводу рецессии

Quality stocks will bring the highest returns in 2023.

According to Markets Live Pulse, the massive tech surge is expected to continue this year as investors are drawn to firms that can develop profitably during economic downturns due to the possibility of a U.S. recession.

The best returns this year will come from purchasing high-quality stocks that are geared toward profitability and offloading those that perform poorly in those areas.

Apple stock rises on lucrative growth bets

This includes holding long positions in businesses like Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp., which have seen significant gains this year as markets look for growth and steer clear of sectors with fragile economies.

According to 42% of respondents, a recession is the biggest danger for stocks next year, followed by interest rates at 23%.

The job market is still comparatively resilient, and consumers are still spending money even though inflation has eased but is still high and credit conditions have tightened.

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