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Binance will launch a new platform


May 29, 2023 ,
Binance запустит новую платформу для жителей Японии

The crypto exchange wants to fully comply with local regulations

Japanese citizens now have a new platform from Binance Holding Ltd. to completely adhere to local laws.

This summer, the new platform will be accessible; the precise launch date and other information will be made public in the following months.

Binance buys Japanese cryptocurrency exchange service provider

Services on the present worldwide platform will end on November 30 for Japanese citizens, according to the announcement. present users will be able to switch to the new local platform through a new identity verification process that will be accessible after August 1.

After abandoning its plan to create a presence in Japan in 2018, Binance bought Japanese cryptocurrency exchange service provider Sakura Exchange BitCoin and is now looking to reenter the market, which it claims will be crucial to the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the future.

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