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BlackRock to ditch sovereign bonds.


Dec 13, 2022 , ,
Главной ставкой BlackRock является отказ от суверенных облигаций

The management company lowers long-term rates in the new regime.

In light of rising debt and government borrowing, increasing inflation, and the possibility that interest rates will remain high for a lot longer than the market anticipates, Black Rock Inc. says it will steer clear of long-term sovereigns.

Funds love inflation-linked securities.

According to BlackRock, because of ongoing inflation, long-term government debt is no longer serving its traditional function as a portfolio diversifier.

In a study, the company cited long-term sovereign bonds and said, “We envisage investors expecting higher compensation for holding them as central banks tighten monetary policy at a time of record levels of debt.”

BlackRock believes long-term factors will keep pressures above pandemic levels and prefers inflation-linked bonds to protect its portfolio as central banks around the world attempt to limit price increases.

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