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Block is about to release the new iPad system


Apr 11, 2022 ,
Block приближается к выпуску новой системы iPad

Tap-to-Pay Reader

Block Inc., formerly known as Square, is nearing the release of a new iPad-based booth, an enhanced version of the technology that has become widespread in coffee shops and retail businesses.

The company’s most popular product

The color image of the third-generation Square Stand is a significant enhancement over the current model, as it includes a physical credit card reader as well as a touch-to-pay reader for the first time.

Merchants will save time and money by not having to attach an external credit card reader because credit card readers are integrated into the booth itself.

The new booth’s release date has yet to be established, but the fact that an actual photograph of the gadget is available implies that it will be soon.

The Square stand is one of the company’s most popular goods, costing $169 right now. Square receives a charge of 2.6 percent of the transaction value plus 10 cents whenever customers swipe, swipe, or touch their cards at the checkout.

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