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BP Prime reviews


Sep 22, 2021
BP Prime reviews

Black Pearl Securities Limited, or BP Prime, is an acronym for Black Pearl Securities Limited, a company founded in 2013 in London, United Kingdom. With other operating offices in Italy and China, BP Prime works with technology companies and liquidity providers to service private, professional, and institutional clients throughout Europe, Asia, and South America.

This strategy offers a competitive technical mix, precise pricing based on market depth, and exceptional customer service. Additionally, market-leading commissions and secure execution with minimal latency have been strengthened to meet the needs of elite traders who use white label products.


Online forex, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, and commodities trading services linked to market-leading aggregation, as well as over 10 CFDs on indices, also available through the FIX API, with negotiated and volume-based pricing for institutional clients, are among the trading instruments available.


The relationship between BP Prime and its clients is one of a kind, based on innovative and integrated value. The firm establishes a personal relationship with the client in addition to providing a diversified education that provides an in-depth understanding of the trading process, techniques, technology, and psychology.

Is it safe to use BP Prime or is it a scam?

BP Prime reviews

Trading with BP Prime is risk-free because they are a fully licensed brokerage firm supervised by the internationally known Financial Conduct Authority (FCA, UK). As an independent body, the aforementioned regulation safeguards customer safety while also assuring full compliance with financial service requirements and ongoing corporate control.

Capital adequacy, acceptable risk management, accounting and auditing procedures, and fair and honest client handling are all standard regulatory standards.

Financial security is a fundamental obligation for each regulated company, according to audits. As a result, the authority evaluates market risks, and funds are protected by separate accounts in major financial institutions. This indicates that the corporation is not allowed to profit on the client’s funds.

Investing platforms

Let’s take a closer look at one of BP Prime’s most significant assets: BP PRIME technology solutions that help traders increase their trading performance while preserving risk management.

Through the world’s major third-party trading platforms or the graphical user interface, FIX API, clients can access a wide range of customised liquidity pools, including bank and non-banking relationships, and electronic communication networks (ECNs).

BP Prime MT4 is the greatest trading program because it has all of the key dynamics and features. The financial instruments are displayed in a single fashion, with the most commonly used automatic strategy advisors, a variety of order types, and the ability to place orders straight from Market Watch.

A wide range of tools are available, as well as built-in capabilities, to aid in the simple and intuitive implementation of strategy.

Methods for depositing and withdrawing funds

When it comes to payment methods, BP Prime supports the most commonly used options such as bank transfers, credit or debit card transactions and the ability to use Neteller of VPay.

However, BP Prime reserves the right to pay any processing fees incurred in connection with any payment mechanism or in the case of currency exchange and credit card payments, but the broker itself is not charged any special payment processing fees.

The Standard account only requires $500 as a start, while Pro accounts must support $5,000 and Prime is $10,000 respectively.


BP Prime’s review shows that the UK based brokerage company is fully regulated by the world-renowned FCA and provides unparalleled trading services in a secure environment. It operates a 100% agency model which means that there are no held positions or conflicts of interest, whilst clients execute their orders using the STP or NDD model.

BP Prime is recommended as a large brokerage company, especially for professional traders and those who trade large volumes and require unique technology.

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