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BYD extends its lead over Volkswagen in China.


Jul 25, 2023 , ,
BYD увеличивает отрыв от Volkswagen как лидирующего автомобильного бренда Китая

In the market for electric vehicles, BYD Co. has surpassed Volkswagen AG to maintain its lead as China’s largest automaker. Local customers have grown to love BYD, which has a large selection of electric automobiles.

According to the China Automotive Technology and Research Center, BYD sold 595,300 hybrid and all-electric vehicles during the second quarter, raising its market share to 11.2% after surpassing the German giant for the first time earlier this year.

The growing importance of domestic brands in the Chinese car sector is shown by BYD’s success in the electric vehicle market. Local brands like BYD are becoming more popular with consumers due to their cutting-edge technology and competitive pricing.

Before Volkswagen AG, BYD held the top spot among Chinese makers of electric vehicles, and it has been extending its advantage over its rivals. In China, electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, which is a reflection of the nation’s rapid advancement in environmental protection and sustainability.

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