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BYD surpasses Tesla in delivering electric cars.


May 30, 2023 ,
BYD превзошел Tesla по поставкам электромобилей для индонезийского оператора такси

The Indonesian operator renegotiates its Tesla orders in favor of BYD.

As cheaper models prevailed in the nation, Indonesia’s leading taxi operator resorted to BYD Co. for 80% of its EV fleet while reconsidering its orders from Tesla Inc.

According to a spokeswoman for the taxi company, “We use a lot of imported BYD models because the price allows us to work in Indonesia.”

BYD strengthens its position in Southeast Asia.

The second-largest producer of electric vehicles in the world, BYD, is expanding its presence in the biggest economy in Southeast Asia.

The business has agreed to investigate prospective investments in Indonesia, and it is also thinking about constructing manufacturing facilities for electric vehicles in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Even after earlier markdowns impacted profits, Tesla was obliged to lower its prices to boost demand in Asia.

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