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CATL, BYD and Tesla to power the solar boom.


Jun 3, 2023 , ,
CATL присоединяется к BYD и Tesla, чтобы задействовать бум Solar

Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on renewable energy sources.

The largest producer of batteries for electric vehicles in the world today, Amperex Technology Co. Ltd., has partnered with Tesla Inc. and BYD Co. to concentrate on the expanding solar energy market.

CATL stated, “We are constructing an experimental test line.

Solar energy will attract more investment than oil in 2023.

With China’s continuous promotion of sustainable energy, the globe is on track to install a record number of solar panels this year.

The International Energy Agency predicts that this year’s global technology investment will, for the first time, surpass the price of producing oil.

As more residential and commercial systems incorporate energy storage, battery makers are becoming more interested in this market.

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