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ChatGPT Creator Introduced GPT-4 AI System


Mar 15, 2023 ,
Создатель ChatGPT OpenAI представляет новую систему ИИ GPT-4

Microsoft Bing, Morgan Stanley, and Stripe use this technology.

OpenAI is the replacement for the artificial intelligence tool that gave rise to the ChatGPT Dall-E malware services and generated fierce rivalry between tech firms in the area of generative AI.

The technology’s next iteration, GPT-4, is more accurate and inventive, according to the firm.

Chat security has improved, but issues remain.

Greg Brockman, president, and co-founder of OpenAI stated that the company is beginning to develop systems that are quite functional, can provide new ideas, and may aid in the understanding of concepts that you might not otherwise be able to.

He claims that the new version is more effective at things like locating particular data in a company income statement or giving an explanation of a specific section of the US federal tax code.

The carbon impact of all the computer power needed to train and maintain these AI models has drawn criticism from some researchers, and they also point out that huge language models can go off-topic and use offensive or racist terminology.

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