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ChatGPT is available to integrate into applications.


Mar 2, 2023 , ,
OpenAI делает ChatGPT доступным для компаний для интеграции в приложения

Instagram, Snap, and others use the popular chatbot

In an effort to find a commercial application for the extremely popular chatbot, OpenAI is making its ChatGPT platform available for businesses to utilize in their apps.

OpenAI ChatGPT Offers Paid Access for Enterprises and Developers

Businesses and developers can purchase access to OpenAI ChatGPT to leverage the program’s text generation and question-answering features in their apps and products.

A premium version of ChatGPT is available to individuals, and the company said last month that it would create a waiting list for businesses and developers who want to use it in their applications.

“The stability of production use cases is currently our top priority,” the business said in a statement.

Separately, OpenAl made its transcription-friendly Whisper voice recognition system available for use.


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