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China captured 60% of global electric car sales.

В этом году Китай сумел захватить 60% мировых продаж электромобилей

China becomes the dominant country in electric vehicle sales.

Battery cars made up 22% of the passenger car market in China in October, while plug-in hybrids made up 9%. The country filed 722,000 plug-in passenger cars and commercial vehicles in total, breaking previous records.

China’s share of global passenger electric vehicle sales rises to 60%.

In the first half of 2022, China will account for 60% of all passenger electric vehicle sales worldwide, representing a steadily expanding portion of the global auto market.

The market for electric vehicles in China is an amazing illustration of how swiftly technology can advance. The nation is becoming even more dominant thanks to long-range models and rising demand for hybrid automobiles.

Sales of electric vehicles are increasing outside of major cities, demonstrating that electrification is a widespread phenomenon.

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