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China launches a rocket to the space station.


Nov 30, 2022 , ,
Китай запустил ракету на новую космическую станцию

The first mission to the new space station

Three astronauts from China have been launched aboard a rocket to the country’s brand-new space station, where they will work on projects for the next six months to help Beijing realize its ambition of having a permanent Chinese presence in orbit.

China plans to send astronauts to the moon within ten years.

On Tuesday at 11:08 p.m. local time, the Shenzhou-15 spacecraft launched atop a rocket from the Jiuquan Space Center in northwest China.

In contrast to NASA, which typically launches US space missions from facilities in warmer locations, the launch represented a breakthrough for the Chinese space agency, which is the first to send a manned spacecraft into space in extremely cold temperatures.

China is the only country with an orbital station and ambitious goals, including sending astronauts to the moon, while being prohibited by the US from participation in the International Space Station.

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