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China’s Apple iPhone ban looks like retaliation, the US says.


Sep 14, 2023 , ,
Запрет Apple iPhone в Китае выглядит как ответный удар, заявляют США

In its initial statement regarding the backlash against Apple Inc., the White House stated that it considers China’s efforts to impose and broaden its government ban on iPhones to be an effort to retaliate against the United States.

“We are keeping an eye on this with concern, and it seems to be a continuation of the aggressive and improper retaliation that the PRC has shown in the past against American companies. According to John Kirby, spokesman for the National Security Council, the People’s Republic of China, “that appears to be the case.”

This month, Bloomberg News reported that China intends to extend its iPhone ban to several state-backed businesses and organizations, a hint of escalating difficulties for Apple in the nation. Many Chinese organizations have started telling their staff not to bring their iPhones to work.

On Wednesday, Beijing refuted rumors of limits on the iPhone and expressed concerns about the device’s security, further complicating the matter.

At a routine briefing in Beijing, a spokeswoman for the foreign ministry, Mao Ning, stated that “China has not issued laws or regulations prohibiting the purchase of Apple or foreign-brand phones.” This was the first official government response to the matter, but it didn’t seem to be specifically about banning the device from workplaces.

The conflict between China and Apple is a small aspect of a larger confrontation between the two biggest economies in the world. Because of worries that the technology might be used to arm China’s military, the United States has put restrictions on shipments of sophisticated chip fabrication equipment to the Asian nation.

Chinese export limitations have been implemented, limiting Micron Technology Inc.’s ability to sell its products in China.

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