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China says Micron chips pose a security risk


May 28, 2023 ,
Китай заявил, что чипы Micron представляют угрозу безопасности

The China Cyberspace Agency investigates Micron

After China’s cyber authority claimed that Micron Technology Inc.’s devices had failed cybersecurity tests, the company’s sales in a crucial market were put in jeopardy.

Beijing has advised major infrastructure owners against purchasing the company’s equipment, claiming to have discovered very significant cybersecurity concerns in the country’s Micron products.

Components created security risks.

The essential information infrastructure of the nation’s supply chain has been exposed to major security concerns, according to a statement from China’s Cyberspace Administration, which might have an impact on national security.

Since Washington has already banned Chinese tech companies and stopped the supply of advanced processors, the tech industry has evolved into a crucial national security battleground between the two greatest economies.

The greatest decrease in more than seven weeks occurred when Micron shares dropped 5% to $64.76 per share.

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