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China tests Micron chips.


Apr 8, 2023 , , ,
Киатй подвергает Micron проверке чипов, ссылаясь на риски безопасности

Shares of the American chipmaker fell

A major US memory chip manufacturer, Micron Technology Inc., has started an import cybersecurity evaluation, opening a new front in the ongoing US-China semiconductor conflict in Beijing.

The action runs the risk of aggravating already-increasing tensions over Taiwan’s security between the Xi Jinping government and the Biden administration.

US imposes strict controls on chip exports to China

The greatest economies in the world are increasingly seeing each other’s technology sectors as threats to national security, which has prompted Washington to fortify its international supply chains and try to isolate itself from cutting-edge technologies.

According to US investigators, Chinese chip producer Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co., which Washington blacklisted more than four years ago, allegedly used economic espionage against Micron.

The goal of Micron’s inquiry, according to Gerard DiPippo of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, is to exert pressure on the US and its allies to relax export regulations.

In New York, shares of Micron slumped 4.4%, even though 11% of its sales come from the mainland.

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