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Chinese electric car makers strengthen their position.


Aug 3, 2023
Китайские производители электромобилей укрепляют свои позиции с ростом продаж

The largest electric car manufacturers in China posted the highest sales numbers in July, demonstrating the industry’s power on a worldwide scale once more. This is a component of a plan to aid in the recovery of the economy, along with the government’s initiatives to boost the demand for automobiles.

One of the market leaders, BYD Co., the top-selling automaker in China, raised new energy vehicle deliveries by 61% year over year, reaching 262,161 units in the previous month. Sales of electric vehicles by Xpeng Inc., which just signed an agreement with Volkswagen AG to produce them, increased by 28% in July to 11,008 units. Last month, Nio Inc. increased its production to 20,462 units, while Li Auto Inc. supplied 34,134 automobiles.

The Chinese government has tried several steps to increase demand for vehicles after a sharp decline in sales at the start of the year. The government specifically offered tax cuts and subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles, which increased demand for these automobiles. As a result, Chinese manufacturers of electric vehicles have gained ground and are continuing to report excellent sales increases.

As sales of electric vehicles increase, Chinese manufacturers continue to gain market share. Impressive results are being displayed by BYD Co., Xpeng Inc., Li Auto Inc., and Nio Inc., which draw customers in with their cutting-edge innovations and superior performance. The promotion of electric car demand by the Chinese government is also essential to the growth of this sector. The demand for electric vehicles in China will increase as people become more aware of the need for environmentally friendly transportation, creating new opportunities for Chinese electric vehicle makers.

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