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Chinese tech stocks bounce back

Китайские технологические акции восстанавливаются

Beijing resumes market support policy

After weeks of severe selling, technology companies prompted a comeback in Chinese markets, as Beijing’s promise of greater development drew some buyers.

The surge coincided with new government commitments to boost spending and decrease remedial work at major tech firms as quickly as feasible.

Pessimism in the Chinese market due to lockdown

Traders had begun to lose optimism for a market comeback the day before, as coronavirus lockdowns, deteriorating economic predictions, and regulatory threats in the tech sector added to the doom.

However, it is unclear how long market updates will be able to sustain it. Traders are expecting tangible action in response to the State Council and the People’s Bank of China’s recent pronouncements.

The Hang Seng Tech Index has taken a beating recently as the US Federal Reserve tightened interest rate-sensitive companies.

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