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Cloud customers recognize their Gmail carbon footprint


Jun 28, 2022 ,
Клиенты Google Cloud узнают свой углеродный след Gmail

Google expands tools to help customers count emissions

As it develops a set of tools to assist users in evaluating their environmental impact, Google’s cloud computing business is getting ready to disclose the carbon footprint of its Workspace apps, including Gmail and Docs.

Google Cloud Plans to Disclose Workspace Carbon Data by 2023

The Google Cloud solution builds on the strategies offered the previous year to assist clients in quantifying and lowering their gross carbon emissions when utilizing Google Cloud services.

By 2030, Google Alphabet Inc. wants to be totally carbon neutral. It presently operates using renewable energy sources all over the world and plans to completely offset all of its emissions by 2027.

Although Google maintains that its cloud, which offers internet computing and storage to other businesses, is the cleanest in the world, cloud computing is known to be highly energy-intensive.

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