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Coinbase reviews


Dec 1, 2020
коинбайс отзывы

Overview of Coinbase 2021

Coinbase is a platform for storing, buying, selling and paying for services in cryptocurrency.

Coinbase is a Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) company.

Coinbase is a secure online platform created by Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) to store, buy, sell and pay in cryptocurrency. This is the first cryptocurrency exchange, was created in 2012, when few people understood what cryptocurrency is, what it is for and how to make money on it. The company has a license. In 2015, the akiv Bitcoin was added to Etherium. The system allows you to use a wallet to store cryptocurrency in 32 countries. With Coinbase anyone can benefit from fluctuations in cryptocurrency over short and long periods of time.

The company also provides the possibility of margin trading, that is, trading using the company’s financial leverage. This can bring great positive or negative results. The minus only lies in the amount of money required to obtain the right to use a margin account. At the moment, it is $5 million. The downside is that you need to invest a minimum of $5,000,000 to qualify for a margin account.

The main feature is buying cryptocurrency from your bank account, which allows you not to waste time transferring funds from the bank to your trading account. Thus, the trader gets the opportunity to trade on GDAX. The company provides traders with all the conditions for intraday trading.

You can track the charts inside the platform using built-in indicators, monitor the history of transactions and trades. Order execution is very simple. You can test the strategy on historical data.

Virtually all assets are kept in autonomous mode, it is both USB and paper and are stored in different parts of the world. It is worth mentioning that all data is encrypted to ensure greater security.

All your funds are kept in real currency and are therefore covered by FDIC insurance. The insurance covers all cases up to 250 thousand U.S. dollars. This means that if the company goes out of business, all investments will be returned to their owners from the insurance fund.

The only disadvantage is that with full decentralization and anonymity of the cryptocurrency, working with Coinbase you will have to pass the account verification with the provision of documents proving your identity and your bank details. There are some limits and restrictions, for example if you open positions on cryptocurrency pairs, using bank account your limits will be up to $100 for each transaction, but no more than $2,500 during one week.

Verification and approval of your transfers can take a long time, waiting for up to several days. This depends on the bank you are working with.

If you are using a card for the system, you will be limited to two hundred dollars per week. You can get around these limits by transferring funds from your card to the platform, and the funds will be immediately available in your wallet. The second way is to use PayPal. Simply make a sale of digital currency to your PayPal account and you’ll receive your funds in your local currency almost instantly.

Commissions depend on the location of the client and method of payment, for example, if you deposit money to your account commission will be zero (when using GDAX), and the withdrawal will be withheld with a minimum fee of 0.01 percent.

For transactions to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, the commission will be at the level of four percent per transaction.

Trading in digital assets is quite convenient and simple, it will not be a hassle for any trader who prefers intraday trading.

For fast trading with minimal profit, you can use bot Python, offered by Coinbase, which works according to a fairly simple strategy based on exponential moving average. At any minimum profit, sufficient to cover all costs and get the minimum margin, the deal is closed. Normally, a few thousand deals are closed automatically during a day.

There is a proprietary bot – Coinbase. It is necessary to set all the criteria and determine the strategy before the launch. This saves time, energy and nerves.

Coinbase is a reliable exchange with extremely secure transactions, convenience of automated trading, offers a reliable wallet for cryptocurrencies with fast transactions and minimal commissions.

GDAX platform is a built-in platform for fast transactions on crypto-exchanges with the most user-friendly interface.

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