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Cybercrime Supports Security Software

Киберпреступность поддерживает программное обеспечение безопасности

Corporate demand is stagnant despite the approaching recession.

Because they are well-liked by both traders and companies looking to acquire businesses, security software companies have emerged as a comparatively bright spot in this year’s stock market crisis.

The cybersecurity stock index will be down 22% in 2022.

“Security is the last area of a corporate budget that businesses would cut, therefore growth must continue even if we experience a recession.” Even if there is so much uncertainty everywhere, security is a highly promising sector because of the ongoing demand support, according to Ivana Delevska, chief investment officer at Spear Invest.

The group’s resiliency is highlighted by a quarterly survey of corporate technology executives by Morgan Stanley.

One of the most crucial areas of protection for organizations, according to the CEOs, is security.

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