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DEGIRO Reviews


Dec 7, 2021 ,

Information about the company

FlatexDEGIRO Bank’s Dutch office is primarily regulated by the German financial authority. In addition, the European Central Bank indirectly supervises flatexDEGIRO Bank AG. In the Netherlands, the central bank is responsible for DEGIRO’s legality, and the organization is supervised by BaFin. The mission statement emphasizes their intention to empower their clients by providing low-cost, end-to-end share trading services via a simple and dependable platform. Investors can use the service to access global exchanges at any time, from any location, and on any device. The company, which was founded in 2008, serves the global trade community.

DEGIRO offers a variety of trading platforms to its customers. The user experience has been given a lot of thought. The site employs 2-Step Verification for enhanced security, ensuring that your personal information and trading data are always secure.

DEGIRO is registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK.

DEGIRO platform

Even though it is not the most advanced trading platform in the industry, the DEGIRO web platform is perfect for trading. The search options are fantastic, and you’ll generally locate the name of the thing you’re looking for before you finish typing. You may view the stock market and the currency in which each product is accessible, as well as the asset class in which it is available. It’s also feasible to narrow down your search by the type of asset you’re looking for.

Markets / Assets

You can trade hundreds of products and enter different markets on DEGIRO. DEGIRO only enforces stock trades and does not offer forex contracts. The following asset types and markets are supported by DEGIRO:

  • Stock
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Bonds
  • Foundations
  • Futures

DEGIRO is an excellent way to get access to stock markets and ETFs in general. From the largest international markets to minor European stock exchanges, there are currently 32 stock exchanges listed with over 5,000 ETFs to select from. However, the brand offers a limited number of funds and bonds, particularly in the United States.

Commissions and spreads

DEGIRO allows you to trade over 5000 stocks and hundreds of ETFs without paying a commission. Free shares are accessible on the NASDAQ and NYSE, two main US stock exchanges. In key European markets, such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, and the Nordic countries, there are no commissions on ETFs.

Flat fees for popular goods were introduced by the online broker in 2021. This is € 3.90 per trade for all other European exchanges and Tradegate transactions, € 5 for Asian exchanges, and € 2 for bonds. Futures and options contracts cost 0.75 euros each.

DEGIRO imposes a flat rate of € 0.50 per trade to cover additional trading costs such as settlement and clearing. Furthermore, if the currency of your account differs from the currency of the asset you wish to purchase, you will be charged a 0.25 percent currency translation fee.

DEGIRO is one of Europe’s most popular low-cost stock brokers. This is one of the most profitable platforms on the market for most asset classes.

Mobile application

DEGIRO’s specialized mobile app is straightforward.

Users may expect to trade in seconds because of the user-friendly interface, which is vital for day traders.

Order management in-app operates precisely as it does on a desktop site. Users may set push notifications and email confirmations, however, DEGIRO does not yet give price alerts.

Finally, the DEGIRO app was created to be utilized on the move, allowing investors to make trading decisions regardless of where they are. The app offers:

  • The ability to swiftly open, close, and change positions
  • Real-time updates
  • One-click deals
  • Hundreds of instruments to pick from
  • Graphic tools

Payment Methods

DEGIRO customers can deposit and withdraw money in a variety of ways. When it comes to bank transfer deposits, the organization has some quite severe requirements. This means DEGIRO will only accept bank transfers from eligible countries to bank accounts associated with your identity.

A secure deposit takes roughly 30 minutes on average. DEGIRO does not charge any commissions or fees when crediting your account with funds.

DEGIRO does not have a minimum deposit requirement.

Demo account

DEGIRO presently does not provide demo daily trading accounts. This is a point of debate for newcomers because simulation accounts are quite valuable for honing trading skills without risking real money. The lack of a demo account, on the other hand, will not deter seasoned traders who know what they’re doing, and with modest minimum deposits, newbies can start trading cheap stocks until they’re confident enough to start risking huge sums of money.

Withdraw funds

DEGIRO doesn’t impose any fees for withdrawals. Withdrawals are only possible by bank transfer. The company assures that any withdrawn funds will be transferred through a bank transfer within three business days, however, most transactions are completed in one. Users are not permitted to transfer data to accounts that are not registered in their name as a security measure. Before authorizing the initial withdrawal of funds, DEGIRO may request additional information from you. The withdrawal process may take longer than the normal three days if this information is not submitted promptly.

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