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Denso mulls spin-off of $3 billion chip division


Jun 10, 2022
Denso обдумывает выделение подразделения чипов на $3 млрд.

Denso is Toyota’s largest supplier

Denso Corp., a leading automotive semiconductor manufacturer and a key supplier to Toyota Motor Corp. may consider spinning off its chip business, which generates around 420 billion yen ($3.1 billion) in sales.

The company expands its presence in the automotive chip market

“We need to consider when we will offer chips to the external market on our own.” “It’s worth looking into whether such a structure is feasible,” CTO Kato stated.

Denso’s in-house-produced semiconductors are now employed in automobile parts that are then sold to automakers or other suppliers.

According to Kato, Denso will assess whether it would be better to situate the semiconductor division outside the firm while it investigates the prospect of self-sourcing semiconductors.

At a press conference in early June, Denso indicated that it wants to raise its power supply and analog IC business sales to 500 billion yen from the present 420 billion yen.

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