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Disney writes off $1.5 billion for programs.


Jun 10, 2023
Disney списывает $1,5 млрд. на программы, которые она удаляет из потокового вещания

Expenses are part of a previously announced plan to write off some programs.

The cost of the shows that Walt Disney Co. will no longer stream on Disney+ will total $1.5 billion.

The cost will be recorded in the current third fiscal quarter and is part of a previously disclosed plan to write off specific programs.

In May, a write-off of up to $1.8 billion was planned.

Disney announced in May that it would take a write-down of up to $1.8 billion to account for the loss of movies and TV episodes that would no longer be available through the Disney+ service.

The business announced it will remove shows from the streaming service, including “Big Shot,” and that it anticipates another £400 million in depreciation linked to film and television material.

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