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Ericsson accuses Apple of bad faith in patent royalty negotiations


Oct 5, 2021
Ericsson accuses Apple of bad faith in patent royalty negotiations

Apple, according to Ericsson, intends to lower the value of its patents.

Apple Inc. is accused of adopting unscrupulous practices to avoid paying royalties for its underlying 5G telecommunications technology, according to Ericsson AB, which filed a complaint on Monday.

Ericsson claims it is attempting to renegotiate its licensing agreement with Apple but has already run into roadblocks. The corporation is requesting that a federal judge decide that Ericsson’s royalties are fair and reasonable.

Apple and Ericsson dispute over 5G connectivity

Despite generating significant revenue from iPhone and other cellular device sales, Apple has historically rebuffed licensing offers from Ericsson and other major patent holders as part of a global effort to devalue key patents and lower Apple’s royalties, according to Ericsson’s complaint.

The disagreement is over how much Apple should pay Ericsson for the European Telecommunications Standards Institute’s 5G connection and networking technology.

Apple has a history of high-stakes litigation in licensing agreements with companies like Ericsson, Nokia Oyj, and Qualcomm Inc., which owns a large number of patents on underlying cell technology.

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