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Ethereum’s record launch paused


Nov 15, 2021 , ,
Рекордный запуск эфира установлен на паузу

Ethereum growth has surpassed Bitcoin this year

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, is expected to pause its record advances, according to technical indicators.

In the middle of the speculative frenzy for digital assets, Ethereum’s blockchain token has grown more than sixfold this year, outperforming Bitcoin by 127 percent.

Ethereum has consolidated over the past few days

The emergence of so-called decentralised financial services and digital collectibles, as well as the Ethereum network’s rejuvenation, has fuelled demand for ether.

According to Vijay Ayyar, head of the Asia-Pacific region at the Lino crypto exchange in Singapore, Ether has consolidated over the last several days in the long term. “Ethereum and the altcoin market will outperform bitcoin in the meantime,” he said.

One concern, however, is raised by studies based on Fibonacci ratios, which are used to determine market reversals. The amount of the most recent spike in ether, according to him, is roughly comparable to the surge from June to September, which eventually came to a standstill, and some experts believe this symmetrical trend may presage a similar response in the near future.

The DeMark signal is also flashing red, indicating that a market trend has run its course.

The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, for example, increased by 262 percent in 2021, but the industry’s notorious volatility remains a source of contention, and authorities are tightening regulations.

The price of ether in Singapore was roughly $ 160 lower on Monday than it was on November 10th, when it hit a record high of $ 4,866.

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