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EU about car charging points across the bloc


Apr 1, 2023
ЕС достиг соглашения о развертывании точек зарядки автомобилей по всему блоку

Agreement accelerates the transition to clean energy

To hasten the shift away from internal combustion engines, EU negotiators have decided to spread out electric vehicle charging stations around the continent over the coming few years.

Charging points should be located at intervals of 60 km on the main roads.

All new cars sold in the EU will be emission-free by 2035, according to another historic agreement struck last week. The scarcity of charging infrastructure is thought to be one of the major obstacles preventing this shift.

Ismail Ertu, the MP in charge of the discussions, claimed that the new regulations “would ensure that driving and charging a new generation car is as straightforward and convenient as driving a car that depends on gasoline.”


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