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EU Legislators Adopt Online Content Control Rules


Dec 19, 2021
Законодатели ЕС приняли правила контроля онлайн-контента

Parliamentarians want to ban online tracking of “dark patterns”

The European Parliament’s main committee has adopted measures that may significantly regulate how large digital businesses manage content.

The new standards will restrict ad targeting to children and outright ban so-called “dark patterns,” in which platforms coerce users to consent to be tracked online.

MPs face difficulties negotiating with the EU Commission

The proposals would reinforce the Digital Services Act, which was suggested last year by the European Commission to manage online content by requiring the removal of unlawful communications and the sharing of algorithm information to academics.

The regulations might go into force as early as 2023, but they will have to go through lengthy negotiations with EU countries and the Commission early next year, which could create delays.

“The Digital Services Act may be the worldwide gold standard for making large Internet corporations responsible,” said Frances Haugen, a Facebook whistleblower.

The new plan still has to be adopted by the European Parliament as a whole in January, when it is expected to face a drive to outright prohibit targeted advertising, after which legislators will have to negotiate with the European Commission and EU nations that have suggested less harsh standards.

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