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EU narrows Apple case to limit app


Mar 1, 2023 , ,
ЕС сужает дело Apple, чтобы ограничить приложение для более дешёвой сделки

Antitrust Case No Longer Focuses on Restricting App Store Payments

The European Union’s inquiry into Apple Inc.’s alleged unfair treatment has focused on music streaming businesses like Spotify Technology SA, with a particular emphasis on limitations that prevent competitors from luring customers away from the App Store.

Apple abused its powers.

The EU authority declared that it will no longer investigate questions over the legitimacy of Apple’s practice of requiring developers of music streaming apps to use its in-app payment technology.

The probe “concerns contractual constraints that Apple has imposed on app developers that prevent them from disclosing to iPhone and iPad customers cheaper music subscription alternatives outside of the app and effectively choosing them,” according to a statement from the EU.

Spotify complained in 2019 about unfair restrictions on its music streaming service, constantly evolving laws, and a sharp decline in app store sales, all of which led the business to artificially raise the monthly subscription fee for its premium service.


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