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Flying taxi pioneer Joby sees UK as top market


Apr 10, 2022 ,
Пионер летающего такси Joby рассматривает Великобританию как главный рынок

Future market for flying taxis

Joby Aviation Inc., a California company, has set its sights on the United Kingdom as a potential market for its flying taxi service.

“The United Kingdom’s commitment to sustainability, along with its dense concentration of major and densely inhabited cities, makes it an appealing location for electric VTOL aircraft,” stated Jo Ben Bewirth, creator of Joby.

The company will launch the first flights to the United States

After launching its first flights in the United States, Joby is looking at other growth regions. Bewirth envisions the company’s five-seat eVTOL connecting places such as Bristol and Cambridge to London, as well as connecting areas across the United Kingdom.

Joby plans to seek clearance from the US Federal Aviation Administration first, followed by bilateral agreements with regulators in places like the United Kingdom.

Joby will confront a domestic opponent in the form of Bristol-based Vertical Aerospace, which is working on a five-seat aircraft. More than 1,300 orders have already been placed, with the company opting to sell straight to leasing companies and operators rather than create an Uber-style service, as Joby expects.

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