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Fortnite developer receives $2 billion from Sony


Apr 12, 2022 ,
Разработчик Fortnite Maket Epic получил $2 млрд. от Sony

The initial cost of the deal is $31.5 billion.

Epic Games Inc., the creator of Fortnite, has received a $2 billion investment from Sony Group Corp., the parent company of the Lego Group.

The gambling business, which is one of the most valuable companies in the United States, is now embroiled in an expensive court dispute with Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc. over app store fees.

Each investor contributed half of the entire funding round

Epic Games created the Unteal Engine, one of the most popular gaming engines, in addition to Fortnite, which has hundreds of millions of registered users.

The new arrangement includes a $1 billion investment from Sony and Kikbi, the family holding firm behind the Lego toy brand. According to the statement, “All three firms value both artists and players and are dedicated to creating new social entertainment experiences by leveraging the connection between the digital and real worlds.”

Epic said last week that it would collaborate with Lego to build a digital experience for children of all ages, emphasizing that it would be a secure and positive environment for children to play online.

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