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Galaxy and Alameda invest in game studios


Mar 17, 2022 ,
Galaxy и Alameda инвестируют в игровые студии, ориентированные на блокчейн

NG+ Consortium Helps Token Economy Firms

Galaxy Interactive, Republic Grypto, and Alameda Research are forming a blockchain-focused gaming studio and developer consortium.

The NG+ consortium aims to support experienced conventional video game creators and studios, as well as assist them with the token economy and liquidity needed to create blockchain-based games.

Participants will receive minority shares through project tokens

“Can we connect with actual game developers who want to use tokens and NFTs in their games but don”t know how? ” “Our objective with this consortium is to connect with real game developers who want to implement tokens and NFTs in their games but don”t know how.” “We”re going for folks who have conventional gaming knowledge and want to learn about cryptocurrencies, ” said Richard Kim, Galaxy Interactive”s General Partner.

GreenPark Sports, which focuses on sports and esports in the metaverse, Delysium, which produces its own open-world gaming experience set in the future, and Mirror World, which allows cross-platform social gaming, are among the three projects in which the consortium has already invested.

On the industry tracker DappRadar, more than 1, 450 active blockchain-based gaming applications have already been registered. Meanwhile, many huge traditional gaming organizations, according to Kim, are sitting on the sidelines, waiting for crypto gaming legislation and regulations to be approved throughout the world.

“There are a plethora of practical issues to consider.” Startups ready to take significant risks in this field can be the first to succeed, “Kim added.

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