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George Soros invested in corporate bonds.


Feb 14, 2023 , ,
Джордж Сорос вложился в корпоративные облигации в преддверии ралли 2023 года

Soros Fund Management adds $255 million to the LQD ETF

The investing company of George Soros made a purchase of American corporate bonds near the end of 2022, when fixed income yields reached a multi-year high.

According to a regulatory filing made on Monday, Soros Fund Management has purchased the iShares iBoxx and Investment Grade Corporate Bond exchange-traded fund for around $255 million.

4.4% of its US equity portfolio is held by this ETF.

Since the Federal Reserve raised interest rates aggressively, the wealthy and wealth managers have flocked to the bond market to take advantage of the lowest rates in years.

In October of last year, the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note reached 4.3%, the highest level since 2017.

Since the conclusion of the third quarter, LQD, the Soros-owned ETF with $36.7 billion in corporate debt, has returned 6.8%.


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