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Gold is overpriced but has long-term appeal.


Jun 1, 2023 ,
Золото переоценено, но имеет долгосрочную привлекательность

Central banks will fight for rate cuts.

After a recent decrease amid high inflation, gold bars still appear to be overly expensive, making it challenging for the Federal Reserve to considerably lower rates.

Prices of gold declined in May after reaching record highs earlier in the month.

Bonds put pressure on interest-free gold.

“Bullion bars are currently more valuable in multi-asset portfolios than inflation-linked government bonds, which are currently slightly expensive. The pressure on zero-interest gold will increase for a considerable amount of time as real bond yields rise, according to Greg Sherenow, portfolio manager at Pacific Investment Management Co.

Although there are differing views on when central banks will be able to loosen policy, the price of the precious metal is still 20% higher than it was at its low point last year.

Sharenow asserts that as many nations have doubts about their dollar reserves, central banks now place a high value on the dependability and security of gold.

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